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Wanhao i3Plus Duplicator; 3D Printer

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  • Touch Display 3.25″ for easy control
  • BUILD VOLUME 200 X 200 X 180mm; LAYER RESOLUTION 0;1 mm – 0;4 mm
  • PRINT SPEED 10-100mm/s adjustable,Extruder Temperature 240°C to 260°C
  • POSITION PRECISION Z 0.004mm;XY 0.012mm
  • All you need to start 3D-Printing is included.

Wanhao’s latest Prusa-style printer with an integrated electronics cabin, a full-sized SD card slot, and an on-board 3.25″ touchscreen display panel.Top-quality Features… This is the only Prusa-style printer on the market with an integrated electronics cabin, a full-sized SD card slot, and an on-board 3.25″ touchscreen display panel. No other Prusa design comes close to matching the features neatly packed into this machine. 3.25″ Touchscreen Control Panel (Wanhao Touch TM) with high responsive sensitivity for fast operation Full-sized SD Card reader for easy file transfers Huge build volume… The Duplicator i3 PLUS offers the largest build plate of any 3d printer in it’s class! With a build volume of just over 200mm x 200mm x 180mm you can build models to scale in minutes. Speed-up printing times and go big! Software Freedom… 5 years of feedback has proven that users want the freedom to chose their 3D printing software based on the CAD programs they use every day. The obvious choice was to allow the Di3 PLUS to accept open-source software in order to streamline the workflow of pro and novice users alike. Use the pre-loaded CURA Wanhao Edition or pick from the dozens of free and commercially available software packages online. Enjoy the freedom to use the most widely used file types from the best software packages on the market: Included Printing Material: 10 Ft. of PLA Filament (Standard) Extruder: MK10 Single-Extruder Filament Size: 1.75mm Dedicated Top Hotend Temperature: 260°C (Short-term), 240°C (Long-term) Cooling: 40mm Extruder Cooling Fan, 40mm Drive Block Cooling Fan, & PSU Cooling Fan Layer Capability: 0.1mm (100 microns) Build Envelope: 200mm x 200mm x 180mm (8in. x 8in. x 7in.) Build Surface: Heated Bed Plate and Wanhao Adhesive Sheet Compatible Software: CURA (Wanhao Edition), File Type: Gcode File Transfer: SD Card & USB Frame Color: Steel Frame (Powder Coated Black)

Title: Wanhao i3Plus Duplicator; 3D Printer
Category: 3D Printers
Brand: Wanhao

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